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CLOSED Business is for Sale
                      Cadillac, Michigan
Will begin reservagations again November 1st 2017
Dog Touring Business For Sale
We are selling our Hobby Fam & Business . This includes a newer home on 10 acres backed up to Manistee National Forrest. Pole Barn, horse shed and all equipment with 10 to 14 sled dogs.

 Tour Options
     Introduction to the sport of Dog Sledding through Hilly Terrain and Wooded Acreage
 1. Basic Tour

 -Includes orientation 

 -Experience seeing your team being hooked up.

 -Basic Tour -Apx.  a 3 mile run on a dogsled 
with an experienced  musher 

-Warm Up with a Hot Beverage & a snack 
This allows our guest to ask any questions they may have.

 Cost: $150.00
(scroll down for further explanation below)

Children 30 lbs to 75 lbs can ride in basket 
in front of adult.
 Basic Tours $25.00 per child under 75lbs

2. Our Longer Excursion

- Includes Orientation

-Experience seeing your team being hooked up.

-Dogsled ride with an experienced musher taking longer trails
 apx. 8-10 miles.

-Warming area with beverages and snacks provided

  COST: $350 for 1-2 Adults 
Longer Excursions: $50.00 per child under 75lbs
3. Kiddy Dash:   available with tour purchase
                                $30.00 per Child (ages 5-12)

4. Custom Tours: Larger groups (up to 8 people) 
Mini Basic Rides, Night Runs and Individual Longer runs. 
Rates dependent on type and length of run.     

Waivers are required Deposits are required. Note weight restriction's .

Sorry we do not take credit cards. There will be a $50.00 admin fee when you request to be rescheduled after booking, must be done more than 1 week prior to booking. Effective 2016 

Cancelation Policy: If we cancel your tour because of lack of snow, unsafe trail conditions, etc. your deposit is fully refundable or you can be rescheduled.  If you cancel, your  deposit is nonrefundable.  
Children over 75lbs same rates as adults.

NEW! We NO longer allow Cameras, GoPro's, Cell Phones or other devices that could distract you while on the dog sled.
Suggestions for Your Adventure:

Dress Accordingly: We recommend durable older clothing since you will be out in the woods and around friendly dogs. Dress in layers, a breathable water resistant shell & pants, wool blend socks, warm gloves, face warmer (no scarves), hat, goggles and boots with good traction for riding the runners.  

We suggest children have clips for their gloves & hat so they don’t loose them. 

Hand & toe warmers are recommended when it gets extra cold and the dogs quicken their pace!

Participants will experience what it is like to drive a team of 8 to 12 sled dogs!

CLOSED NOW FOR 2017 Season


Will start taking reservations for next year November 1st 2017
Some team members got the relax thing down.
Making it fun for the little ones!
Our Team Members
Going out for a Night Run!

We price the dog sled rides by the hour as much as by the ride, so family and friends are welcome.
Even if they are not getting a ride, friends can listen to the instructions, learn about the dogs, and enjoy the great outdoors. 

We have a basic trail package that includes orientation, seeing your team hooked up and a dog sled ride that covers about 3 miles. This takes about an hour, so the cost would be $150We can accommodate up to 250lbs.  Children under 75lbs can ride in the basket along with the adult for $25.00 .  We can do 2 basic 3 mile loops in just over a hour and a half, the cost would be $250.00 for a couple and $300.00 for a family of  four.   Three Basic loops take just over 2 hours and the cost for 3 adults would be $350.00, plus $25.00 each for child under 75lbs.

We also offer photo opportunities for those not on the sled which makes this a unique experience. 

Another option is that we take a Longer Excursion which works well for groups of  2 to 4. This is where we take longer trails and exchange riders along the way. We have a designated stop where participants can enjoy the great outdoors while waiting in the sleigh for a photo opportunity or to get on the dog sled. The minimum for this run is $350.00 for 1-2 adults plus $50.00 for each child under 75lbs. This tour is 8-10 miles depending on trail conditions. Other custom options are available upon request to meet the needs of your group and run at $150.00 per hour.

With the purchase of a tour we also offer the "One Dog Dash"  for children for a nominal fee of $30.00
 Last, We offer night runs when conditions are right!

One Dog Kiddy Dash!
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250 lb WEIGHT LIMIT on Dog Sled.
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